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Eco Friendly Information

Electra Mirrors

Sustainability ♻

Exclusive to Electra Mirrors in Australia, the most luxurious vanity mirrors & beauty furniture on the market. There are thousands of consumers and influencers all around the world that rely on Electra Mirrors, a trusted Australian owned Brand. 

Products Crafted By Sustainable Materials 

In 2021 Electra Mirrors Set out a goal that our Beauty furniture would be sourced from more sustainable materials. Wood is the material most common Materials Crafted with Electra Mirrors furniture, and for good reasons. It’s renewable, recyclable, stands the test of time, and ages beautifully. Wood is a key change driver for climate mitigation. We are Proud to announce that Electra mirrors have Accomplished our goal of sustainable crafted Furniture in 2022, more than 96% of the wood used for Electra Mirrors products is either FSC-certified or recycled.    

Furniture is one of the most popular secondary wood products in the world, despite the fact that it requires more than wood to manufacture. Furnishing a home, in addition to providing a safe haven, is a fundamental human need. Decorate your house with a variety of furnishings, such as accent Vanity tables, coffee tables, Chairs, bedside tables and other items. Make your house look and feel more elegant by using Electra Mirrors sustainable sourced high-end wood finish furnishings. 


Why Is This Important?

As a brand who cares about the environment, you need to be aware of more than just pollution. It's crucial to seek for furniture that is eco-friendly since it has a big influence on the environment.

Forests help keep the atmosphere stable, filter the air we breathe, and are a component of the water cycle, all of which contribute to their well-being. Forests support animals and indigenous tribes that rely on them for their survival. Most plant and animal species on Earth rely on forests for their survival. Food, fuel, and lumber are just a few of the numerous services they give to the environment on which we all depend. Electra Mirrors' most sought out suppliers have a big effect on the world's forests and the timber sector and a great duty to influence how wood is obtained favourably. Each year, the company purchases around 10 million of roundwood from 50 different nations. The requirements of people who rely on forests, companies that operate sustainably, forest ecosystems that are preserved, and biodiversity that is improved are all ensured through responsible wood procurement and forest management.

There are strong guidelines in place at Electra Mirrors to support sustainable forestry. Forest areas that are illegal or have significant conservation values or locations where there is societal conflict are not allowed in their supply chain. Suppliers must fulfill Electra's Mirrors essential standards for wood sourcing before working with the company. Wood must come from FSC-certified or recycled sources if it is to be used by Electra Mirrors. If any of the company's vendors are found to be non-compliant, they must take quick remedial action. They're happy to report that, thanks to their suppliers, they've met their 2022 target of using more sustainably sourced material. FSC or recycled wood accounts for 96 percent of the wood used in Electra Mirrors products today.

Electra Mirrors need to adopt a more comprehensive approach to protecting and supporting the world's forests and surrounding eco-systems as the strain on these resources grows owing to unsustainable agriculture, the growth of infrastructure, and illegal logging. It was the goal of the Electra Mirrors Forest Positive Agenda for 2026 to promote forest management and biodiversity, reduce climate change, and respect the rights and needs of those who rely on forests along the supply chain. Restoring damaged ecosystems, stopping deforestation, and standardizing appropriate forest management practices are all part of the plan.

 Inspiring reusability, remanufacturing, and recycling in the design of all goods from the outset is key to advancing the use of wood in innovative ways.


Electra Mirrors Vanity Mirrors 


Sustainable crafted lighting, Did you know?
LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent ones, Electra Mirrors use premium grade Led bulbs/Lighting across our Vanity Mirror range, ensuring less energy used while using our mirrors and extending the longevity of your Vanity Mirror.


Electra furniture is well known for its use of wood, which is a positive thing. It's sustainable, recyclable, long-lasting, and attractive as it matures. We believe that wood, when obtained ethically, has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021, they set a 2022 deadline to switch to become the first beauty furniture brand in Australia to have environmentally friendly products. That objective has been met, and now more than 96 percent of the wood used for Electra goods is either FSC-certified or recycled. 


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